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The Duck EggColour Palette Could Become a Trend in 2019, Get Ahead of it

Have you always liked duck egg blue but haven’t been brave enough to use it in your home for more than a single item? Michael Reeves Design believes palette seems to be coming into trend and people are using it for everything from sofas to walls and rugs and multiple times within the same room.

It’s getting close to the new year and with it Spring is just around the corner. It’s about this time of year when people start to think about redecorating at least one room in their home. Let’s take the living room for example, duck egg blue can help you create a beautiful and relaxing space for you to come home to every night.

Now, you may have heard of duck egg but did you know that there is a whole spectrum of tones that fall under this title? Within it is an incredible palette of colours that range from near green all the way to the blue we most often associate with the term. Mixing matching this range of tones that fall under ‘duck egg’ can create a wide range of possibilities for your room that perfectly matches your own personal taste.

As with any colour scheme, the walls don’t have to fall within the main colour palette though. You can experiment with floral and leaf patterned wallpaper designs as duck egg is a very organic colour and adding in designs inspired by nature can work surprisingly well.

Something Fresh and Easy

Credit: David Brittain

You can utilise the duck egg colour palette in many ways and adopting several tones from the spectrum can help you create a natural blend of blues and greens to create a fresh and easy look for your living room. It also creates somewhat of a calming effect which will help you to offset any busyness that you have going on in your room.

Patterns Everywhere!

Credit: Rowland Roques O'Neill

Patterns are always great for those that don’t like block colours and it can be a lighter approach to this palette as it introduces more colour variation. The great thing about pattern is that you can introduce it absolutely anywhere in your décor – from your wallpaper to cushions and rugs and almost every minor accessory. In particular, patterns with an off-white accent can help bring various patterns together to create a oneness with items that shouldn’t work together.


Credit: Colin Poole

Maybe you don’t want to go all in with the duck egg colour scheme and that’s okay, you can keep it simple. Sometimes all you need to freshen up a room is a lick of paint and the soothing tones of duck egg work really as a neutral colour for your living room. It looks fantastic alongside natural woods, creams, blacks, dark browns and bold blues within furniture pieces. You can also add smaller accessories to add more vibrancy to the palette and really tie your décor together.

True Blue

Credit: Dominic Blackmore

Going with the traditional, bluer side of the colour palette can also make for expressive styling. Using the colour for walls and rugs can really add a breath of fresh air to a room, especially with organic textures thrown in. To complete this look, add cushions and other pieces with duck egg blue sprinkled, which will help you balance the look. Try to keep to creams and wood finishes for the remaining furniture in the room.


Credit: David Brittain

Combining several duck egg tones can help you create a pretty and relaxing room. Try to include hints of grey, green and blue in your paint and furniture choices, this will create a neutral pastel palette for your room. This styling can feel more modern with the introduction of white or glass furniture and a mid-tone laminate flooring design. You can even add in fabrics that feature floral prints and accent the room with pastel yellows, pinks and greys to really punctuate the colour scheme.

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