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Stunning Kitchen Design Trends Coming in 2018

In 2017, the trend lent towards herringbone tiles, blue cabinetry and Neff’s Slide and Hide oven but what does 2018 have in store for us? As a leading interior designer in London, we have studied trends through our clients requests and come up with a few ideas.

By now, you probably have an idea of exactly what your kitchen needs, perhaps it’s a new colour scheme, an island or a bigger cooker. But you will still be on the look out for inspiration and if that’s true, you’ve come to the right place.

We talked to our friends across the industry what they expected to be the next big trends in kitchen design for this coming year and this is what we managed to gather.

Hide and seek storage

Credit: Scavolini

Open-plan living is ever popular and companies like Scavolini have witnessed a shift in design towards hidden storage. Their Switchunit makes an excellent case for this point as it features a selection of pocket doors that slide slickly out of sight when the Kitchen has is in use for entertaining guests or sitting down for a family meal. Covering up your kitchen’s contents from prying eyes. This also allows you to transform your kitchen from an efficient work space to clutter-free at a moments notice.

Broken-plan kitchens

Credit : Hub Kitchens

Of course, open-plan kitchens have revolutionised the way people cook and entertain, but there are people who have found niggles with this design style. People are quick to question the practicality - “where do you hide dirty pots and pans?”. If you’re the kind of person who would like a little more privacy, then broken plan might be the solution for you.

The concept of a broken-plan kitchen is very simple – all you need to do is take your open-plan kitchen design and add a freestanding shelf unit or a raised breakfast bar, which creates separation without the addition or use of a full wall.

This is known as a more zoned approach and is considered an evolution in the open-planned living design and allows you to be more sociable experience for everyone.

Unicorn-inspired kitchens

Credit: B&Q

Yes, you did read that correctly. There has been a massive customer demand for unicorn-themed homeware over the past few months. So much so that their influence is now creeping into our fantasy kitchen designs.

However, it isn’t the multicolour madness you’re probably anticipating, so your safe from the nightmare that is a six-year-old’s colouring book. Instead, the unicorn-influence comes in the form of pairing smart white gloss units with gentle tones of pale pinks and blues, with the addition of gold accents to highlight fantasy design.

This hugely popular unicorn craze has made its way into our kitchens and people are fully embracing the theme of turning a plain wall into a wall painted with glitter infused colours, gloss tiles and accessories like coloured glass tea lights, which add an extra sparkle.

Two-tone cabinets

Credit: Magnet

For a while now, white has been the overwhelming favourite shade for cabinetry, but colours are making a come back in our kitchens. Blue and grey units in particular are gaining a lot of momentum, especially in a combination of two shades of the same colour – e.g. light blue wall units set alongside dark blue base units.

You also have the option to take this a step further and make brave and bold choices by adding bright coloured units set against neutral worktops and units. Or a step further and use mixed materials for worktops, perhaps wood on your island and composite material elsewhere.

A hint of Morocco

Credit: B&Q

You can make it feel like you’re on holiday all the time with a kitchen design inspired by warmer climates. Data taken from Pinterest reveals a 128% rise in searches for Moroccan-inspired décor, with terms like “Moroccan tiles” and “Moroccan Splashbacks” gaining a lot of momentum in Pinterest communities.

Striking Moroccan-inspired mosaic wallpaper and feature floor tiles set to become hugely popular in 2018. Along with other, lighter Moroccan touches like chunky wooden worktops, gold lanterns and even pendant lighting.

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