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Spring 2019 Interior Design Trends

Happy New Year! We hope you had an amazing holiday celebration with your friends and family. Now that we are a few days into 2019, and as an Interior Designer in Pimlico, we thought it was time to share with you some of the trends that will be sweeping across the industry in the first few months of the year. Today, you will learn what our top three picks are for 2019 and why we think they will become prominent during Spring and leading into Summer.

Big Bold Plants – Unconventional Feature Piece

Credit: A.Jennison Interiors

At the forefront of 2019’s interior design forecast will be big bold plants as feature pieces in the country’s living rooms. We saw this trend creeping in in the latter part of last summer but it will be going full force this year. Think tree species like the dragon tree, rubber tree and palm tree, that provide a vibrant eye-catching statement in any room. They work best alongside your sofa or in any corner that is big enough to accommodate one.

This is perhaps the most unique of the trends we are expecting to see, as you aren’t only relying on how it looks aesthetically. It is important to take into consideration the care and sunlight needs of the plant before deciding on the best place to put it in your room. Remember, you want to make a big statement with your plant, so it needs the space and care requirements to allow it to flourish.

Painted Ceilings – The “Wow” Factor

Credit: Elena Calabrese Design & Decor

The ceilings in your home are probably rarely thought of in terms of decorating as you don’t spend vast amounts of time looking at them, however, many are now considering them to be the “fifth wall”. In 2019, we will see them add some of the much-desired “wow” factor to our homes. People will be taking chances and decorating their ceilings with moldings, wallpaper and quite daring paint colours.

This look works best for spaces in your home that exude comfort and intimacy – meaning places where you spend time with your loved – like bedrooms and formal dining spaces. If you decide to take on this challenge, you’d be safest sticking to the 10-30-60 rule when it comes to your colour scheme. Your choices are to either continue with your base colour to your ceiling, covering 60% of the room, or you can be bold and use your rooms accent colour for the last 10% to add some visual interest to your chosen room.

Multi-functional Spaces – Less is More

Credit: Antonio Aurigemma

Over the last few months, we have been seeing a shift in the interior design market as more and more people are creating spaces with multiple uses. As a result, the famous murphy bed will be making a comeback with interesting modern designs expected to come with it. This trend also coincides with the increasing number of people living in smaller studio spaces as demand for housing in cities increases.

However, this trend is beginning to move outside of small apartments and people are beginning to create multi-use rooms in their home. Some examples include an office that acts as a guest bedroom and, on a smaller scale, adding an ottoman in unused space to add more storage to a room. To pull this off properly, you should think outside the box with functionality and create interesting spaces.

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