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Sofa Trends for Autumn 2018

The warm summer days may be gone but don’t get too sad, a change in season means a whole bunch of new interior design trends to get excited about for your home. Today, we’re focusing on sofas, the place where you cuddle up with your partner as we move into the cold autumn and winter nights.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your living room this season, it’s good to start around your room’s centre, which in most cases is, you guessed it, the sofa. Below you can see our handpicked sofa trends for autumn and winter 2018, as well as the style they can help you capture. Any of them would make the perfect beginning to your new living room.

Countryside Styling with Berry Tones

Credit: Ideal Home

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love long countryside walks no matter what the season. Why not bring the feeling of country strolls and woodland looks inside with berry tones? This style is a modern update on the traditional country look. It incorporates deep berry and russet tones with darker woods, such as walnut. If you’re looking for the perfect room styling to cosy up in, this is probably your best choice.

Embrace Nordic Style with Grey Leather

Credit: Ideal Home

For some time, leather sofas have been missing from the interior design landscape and we’re not sure why. Their timeless look and feel makes them the perfect material for a sofa. They are hardwearing and easier to clean than any other sofa material, making them ideal for couple and families alike. You can throw anything at leather sofas and you can bring them back to new in a matter of minutes.

It’s no wonder then that leather is one of the key materials in the emerging new Nordic styling for this season. We see this as an update to the long popular Scandi style that incorporates luxurious materials that age well. To complete the look, you can throw a sheepskin throw over the back and add touches of turquoise or teal blue with cushions and rugs.

Travel the World from Your Living Room

Credit: Ideal Home

If you love to travel and explore, you’ll love the global nomad trend that has been emerging and gaining momentum in 2018. The key to achieving this look is a rich texture palette featuring earthy tones like terracotta and mustard that are punctuated by woven fabrics and lots of foliage. The plants you place can be real or fake, depending on if you want to maintain them or not.

An ochre sofa is the ideal starting point as it brings a piece of tropical sunshine to your living room with a mustard colour that will brighten up your room during the forthcoming dark winter nights.

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