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Smart TV and Storage Units – How to Find the Best Style for Your Living Room

Over the past few years, we have seen an incredible rise in the number of smart TVs on the market and along with them has come more exciting and interesting storage solutions. The beautiful freestanding furniture we are seeing are stylish and help your living space remain organised and free from clutter. Michael Reeves Design would like to share with you some of our ways that you can integrate your new TV into your existing living room space.

Make your storage an accent piece

The first option we have is a low level cabinet but you may spot something out of the ordinary. This look is achieved by decorating each drawer individually with different patterns, knobs and handles. This helps you create a distinctive piece of furniture with a modern country scheme that will stand out among your friends and family. Of course, with the massive trend towards using streaming services to consume media means less storage for physical media is needed. This allows you to slim down your storage and make room for other things in your living room.

Streamline your style even more

There are several options for robust grid storage that spans an entire wall in your living room. They read like they are a part of your homes structure and can be created as a bespoke solution to your home entertainment centre. The grid system allows for plenty of control over your storage and unsightly speakers can be hidden behind acoustic cloth to create a undisrupted and stylish finish. The colours should be matched to the other pieces of furniture in your home and handle less cabinets will enhance this even more and allow you conceal your electronics.

Simple Elegance

You can, of course, create a much simpler design by making a bespoke cabinet to display your TV alongside other accessories to help it blend subtly into your living room. As you can see in the image above, it is easy to pair cabinets and shelving painted to match the walls of the room with oak surfaces to create the country style that is so popular at the moment. When this is coupled with the latest TVs that are getting slimmer and slimmer so you can all mount without having it take over the space.

Add some extra storage capacity

Creating a Scandinavian style in your living room with an all soft white paint finish can be a practical solution for those with larger families or less space to work with. This will help you to frame you TV and provide you with plenty of storage in an all-in-one solution. With glass cupboard doors, lightness is added to the room to stop it from becoming an overwhelming feature. Additionally, you can add a touch of rustic style by placing rattan baskets on the shelving inside your cupboards.

Mix up your materials

The days of storing your items behind closed doors may be on its way out and people are moving toward open shelving in their TV units. This had led storage units to move away from conventional straight-line styling and more towards curved forms. Combining this style with a rich walnut veneer, glass shelves and integrated spotlights will help to make the unit warm and spacious while keeping everything safe.

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