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Looking For Storage Solutions To Fit In Small Spaces? Here Are Five Ideas To Inspire Your Décor

No matter how well you plan out your smaller spaces, clutter somehow manages to creep up on you and take up that minimal space that’s there. Of course, you stack up boxes or keep stuff in plastic trays but those can be unsightly and don’t really fit with your décor scheme. So, what about some more clever storage solutions that will help you save space in even the smallest spaces.

As a Pimlico interior designer, we know that often when you have smaller spaces in your home they can feel cramped and it’s easy to think that you can’t do anything in the way of storage. However, you can make every inch of your home work for you with some thought out, space-saving storage solutions. There is so much unused space in the average home and you just need to find out and use it to your advantage of it and keep it well-organised.

Here are some examples of some solutions you can use to get more space out of your home.

Trolleys - Mobile Storage

Credit: Colin Poole

Trolleys have a million uses in your home. They can be used in the organisation of a multitude of things, including craft suppliers, groceries, toys and cocktail paraphernalia. Additionally, as it’s on wheels, it’s easy to move out of the way no matter what size your room.

Under Window Storage

Credit: Polly Eltes

The space below your windows can often go unused but it is the perfect space for additional storage. Whether this is in the form of benches with hidden storage or simply a cupboard. These can be handy for storing toys, games and much more, under a window can become a very handy space for storage.

Media Storage Systems

Credit: David Blackmroe

Often, your TV can take up valuable space in your home, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. There is always the option to use it as a focal point that you can build up storage around. Simply wall height storage units are perfect for taking advantage of space that would otherwise go unused. These are available off-the-shelf or can be bespokely designed to suit your home’s needs.

The Home Office Alcove

Credit: Simon Whitmore

Are you struggling to find somewhere for your home office? Maybe you don’t have enough rooms or you feel like you lack the space… Have you thought about transforming an alcove into a hidden office space. The only things you’ll need are open shelves that are perfect for storing boxes and items and a small desk/plank of wood for you to work at. Done properly, this space should be able to be hidden behind folding or sliding doors that will keep the clutter tucked away and out of sight.

Divide Spaces With Storage

Credit: David Parmiter

If you have an open-plan kitchen/living room, it can often be difficult to define each space. There is, however, a solution that will both divide the spaces and provide more storage for you at the same time. One example could be a freestanding island that sits between the spaces. This creates a clean division between the two spaces, while providing another useful surface to store or display things and cupboard space/shelving underneath for things that you’d like to remain more hidden.

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