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Indoor Water Feature Ideas to Inspire You

Usually, water features are reserved for beautiful gardens as they add a serene bubbling brook to our lush natural areas. However, have you thought about getting that relaxing feeling inside your home with an indoor water feature?

Water features can be used throughout the home for various reasons, from accent pieces to room dividers. As London interior designers, we have curated a small selection of indoor water feature ideas to bring some nature into your home and create a contemporary relaxing space for you and your guests.

Zen Vibes

The Zen style is one of the most classic and well done indoor water feature styles. When composing a room with Zen style, it is important to remember that adding anything natural creates a soothing and relaxing feeling that defines the aesthetic of the style. Adding a water feature can be done in the form of meditative ponds or to complement a carefully cultivated Zen garden. This is especially satisfying when used to create peace in unusual spaces in the home, such as unused areas beneath stairs as pictured above.

Create Wall Accents

Another popular use for water features indoors comes in the form of wall fountains, as they don’t take up any of your floor space and allow you to bring the desired tranquillity into your home. This creates a relaxing bubbling sound and an attractive visual display that will shock and astound guests.

Homes with natural, rich textures like deep woods and green walls are where wall fountains really shine as the elemental nature of water adds to the already natural feeling in the room. They also add a sense of high-class styling as the continually flowing water exudes the feeling of luxury that can’t usually be achieved.

Fill Unused Floor Space

Earlier we touched on utilising unused space with the Zen style of water fountains, but they don’t always need to be as tucked away as we suggested. The fountain pictured above showcases how water features can be custom-built to specifically fit the space they occupy. The shallow and narrow design of this water features means it fits perfectly under the stair without compromising visual interest while utilising space that would otherwise not be used. The bright river rocks create a feature that draws your eyes towards it and is noticeable from across the room.

The fact that it is placed beneath the stairs doesn’t detract from its value and it works well as an accent for the dining space, creating a unique ambience for your guests and indeed yourself.

Subtle Water Features Beneath Windows

Water features don’t have to something that makes a big statement, as in the previous examples. The photo above showcases a water feature that is created by a small pool that surrounds a decorative jug. Note its positioning right beneath the window, allowing it to catch natural light that bursts through it. This reflective light draws your attention to the small pool, despite it being insignificant in the broader sense of the room.

Small pools are particularly great for us in rooms with space limitations that wouldn’t allow for a grander feature. Placing it off to the side allows you to utilise the full amount of floor space available to you, while still allowing natural light to highlight the beauty of the water feature.

Dividing Rooms

We’ve the most unusual and perhaps most interesting use of indoor water features for last – as a room divider. As you can see in the photo above, it works wonderfully and creates a feature that most people would never come across in their lives. It is quite astonishing considering that it is a simple clear surface with running water that keeps tow spaces separate without closing them off entirely. In effect, the running water reflects and distorts the room beyond creating an artistic and unique aesthetic experience.

As the water feature only takes up a portion of the wall, rather than valuable floor space, it fits perfectly into your home without compromises. It’s definitely a great idea for your home if you’re looking for something that’s distinctive while being natural.

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