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How to: Make the Best of Your Open-Plan Living Space

Are you looking for inspiration for your open-plan living space? The trend for open-plan living has been building over the past decade and is practically expected of a home as 2018 comes to a close and we begin to welcome in 2019. They should be designed to serve multiple functions effortlessly and clever decorating and styling can help to keep the spaces separate but seamless at the same time. Michael Reeves Design has compiled five of our favourite ways of making the most out of an open-plan living space.

1. Allocating Zones

Credit: Colin Poole

To maximise your space and stop everything from melting into a cluttered space, you can create distinct zones for lounging, dining and working to help keep it organised. This can be done by utilising soft textures and calm colours to make your space feel calm and collected, while providing a comfortable space to relax in. To make the most of a space like this you should centre it around a large window or French doors to get as much natural light as possible.

2. Flood it with Light

Credit: David Still

Speaking of natural light, you should flood your room with it to help it remain vibrant and lively, it can also help your open-plan living space feel much more spacious than it is. If your home allows for it, installing a run of sliding doors that lead directly out to your outdoor patio area can provide a seamless transition between the inside and the outside. Adding hints of vibrant pinks that will reflect the light can really liven up your room.

3. Carefully Place Furniture

Credit: Lisa Cohen

You can use furniture to section off your open-plan living space with careful and deliberate placement. Of course, one of the huge benefits of having a large open-plan space is that your family can enjoy spending time together without intruding on each others personal space. Carefully placed furniture will help create distinct spaces while maintaining the open-plan feeling of the room.

4. Add Some Cheer

Credit: Claire Lloyd Davies

You can up the relaxation factor by adding in some casual to your open-plan living space. A simple yellow chair can add a bright splash of colour to a more minimally decorated space. You can even create an elegant infusion of older styled furniture and newer style furniture, which will give your room a timeless feeling. Add in some pale wood flooring to help reflect the natural light and highlight the brighter elements of the room.

5. Create an Infinite Space

Credit: James Merrell

You can make your open-plan space practically infinite by seamlessly connecting it to your adjacent outdoor space. This can be achieved by using wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling patio doors which will help extend your room into a more infinite feeling space while allowing plenty of natural light into the space. You can also make the transition from inside to outside more seamless by using patio decking that matches your internal flooring.

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