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Green is a Classic Colour for Interiors but One That is Rarely Seen Anymore

As the title says, green is one of those classic colours that never really goes out of style. It creates a relaxing, soothing and natural feeling room, when different shades are used alongside each other perfectly. Michael Reeves Design wants to explore the different applications for this beautiful colour palette in your living room.

Now, it can be seen as too dark to put on walls but it can also have a calming effect when it is used properly. It simultaneously melts into the background and creates a gentle statement in any living room. There’s also plenty of shades to choose from as green is a very vibrant and varied palette – from forest greens to limes and sages – there’s something for everyone.

Make a statement with a green sofa

Credit: Dominic Blackmore

Of course grey tones can go alongside any other colour and blush pinks are a very pretty colour choice, but they are very neutral and don’t make a statement. You could find yourself being very happy with the bold choice of a deep green sofa that begs, no, insists that you take a seat and relax in its calming embrace.

Choosing a deeper green also opens you up to the option of having another dark green on your walls without causing a disruption to the feeling of your living room. Alternatively, you could for a dark inky blue and bring in metallic accents so that your room never feels gloomy with all this darkness.

A pattern that never goes out of trend

Credit: Simon Whitmore

A room can easily appear dated when you choose of-the-moment trends and this can lead you to switch up your decoration much more regularly than you’d like. This is why in can be much wiser to keep your style classic with blurred ikat or elegant fretwork as they are a great feature for offsetting interesting furniture. They are also very easy to mix with other patterns without clashing, as long as you have a shared colour palette across all of them.

Forest green for a mellow feeling

Credit: Simon Whitmore

If you have a very bright space, painting the walls the classic white colour may do more harm than good. However, a matt forest green can help to dial down the brightness without making the room feel gloomy. An added bonus is that it makes the room feel more mellow, exactly what you want from the room you’ll spend your evenings in. It will become like a cosy cocoon in the winter and have a cooling effect in the summer, creating the perfect balance for your living room.

Create a relaxed country feel in your suburban home

Credit: Dominic Blackmore

The country home décor style is very much always in trend; this classic styling is very desirable for a large percentage of the population. This style is perfectly created with a Chesterfield-style sofa and classic wool-upholstered armchairs, tartan and plenty of natural wood touches around the room. To top off this look you can go with masculine colours with heritage patterns that will create a timeless feeling in your living room which won’t become dated.

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