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Five Ideas for a Cool, Calm and Collected Colour Scheme

If you choose lighter neutral colours they will make the most of the natural light available in your room and make it feel more bright and airy, since they are more reflective of light.

Neutral colour palettes can be used for a wide range of interior looks and are much easier to live with than striking colours. Neutral is essentially a lack of colour – think beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey and shades of white. These hues often have many undertones that need to take in just as much thought as when you are decorating with brighter colours. Here are some of our favourite ideas for how to create a neutral look in your home.

1. Pick Truffle to Add Warmth

Credit: Dominic Blackmore

Warm truffle is one of our go-to shades as it has a pinkish hue and is perfect for creating warmth while maintaining a neutral colour palette. Plus, it is easy to work with when you are looking add fabrics or accessories to warm the room up of cool it down. Our pick is velvet upholstery with bronze accessories to create a warm and cosy atmosphere or create a cooler feel by throwing shades of grey in.

2. Brighten It Up with Some Colour

Credit: Colin Poole

Neutral decorating doesn’t have to be completely lacking colour. French grey window frames mixed with a soft oak coffee table and engineered floorboards creates the perfect neutral look. You can enhance it cushions, throws and other accessories like flowers. Daffodils make the perfect addition to this room with soft blue cushions to create the perfect look for spring.

3. Keep the Space Cool and Calm

Credit: Dominic Blackmore

By decorating with a warm, mixed palette of neutral colours you have the freedom to play around with different accent colours and interesting textures that help your room evolve. For example, a modern, square sofa can be tucked into the corner of a room and even create a seating zone in a larger room. You can also add a classic oak sideboard to your room to create a cooler colour palette.

4. Pile On the Texture

Credit: Spike Powell

Often a room that lacks texture can feel dull and lifeless, so adding tactile warm surfaces can add a lot of interest to a room. You can create a linear look with narrow-gauge shirt and pyjama patterns to make the perfect casual sitting room. Or, you could layer up voiles, cotton, cord and canvas twill on your upholstery, soft furnishings and curtains to bring warmth and cosiness in spades to your room. Finally, there’s the timeless ‘chino’ tones that give the neutral look an easier style. Mixing these styles help to inject your room with some rhythm.

5. Shades of Grey

Credit: Dominic Blackmore

Greys are warm but not oppressive and they create the ideal feeling for cosy living spaces. Many lighter grey colours have a touch of yellow, brownish tint or a touch of red in them that helps create a more pinkish tone. These tones of grey are great for east and west facing rooms that help create a diffused light from sunrise to sunset respectively, while also adding warmth to a room at other times of the day. Maybe you could try pairing ochre with yellow-tinged greys, or try a dark, earthy green. Pink tinted greys also work really well with tones like coral and peach.

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