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Brighten Up Your Bedroom This Autumn

Are you tired of your bedroom’s dull colour scheme? Maybe you’ve thought about brightening it up and bringing new life to the space. Michael Reeves would like to inspire you to add brighter colours to your bedroom with colourful designs that will brighten up your room and day. Deciding on the colour scheme for your bedroom is no easy task, it is one of the most personal rooms in the home and where you can go to escape the world for a little while. So, let’s take a look at five bedroom colour schemes to get those ideas pumping in your brain and hopefully inspire your redecoration.

1. Serene Green

Credit: Lisa Cohen

Green is perfect for those who are drawn to neutral colour palettes for their bedroom colour scheme. Green-grey paint on your walls will immediately add warmth to your space while providing an elegant look. Of course, you don’t want your entire room to be this rich shade of green and you can accent it with classic white accessories and other soft furnishings to break the room up a little.

2. Metallic Gold

We’ve covered this before, but metallic colours are very on trend at the moment, so why not bring them into the bedroom? You can utilise gold colouring in your accessories, fabrics and wallpaper to bring some decadence to your bedroom. You can create a period feel with Art Deco-inspired dressing tables and pair it with a contemporary mirror design. To really make it sparkle, you can create a contrast with red and pinks in stools and accessories.

3. Dark Blue

Credit: Adrian Briscoe

Dark blue and white will help you create a timeless look while remaining calm and cool. You can use bold colours in any setting, so why not try it in your bedroom? You can treat indigo and navy blue as though they were neutrals and you should be able to accent them with almost any other colour (although white looks best). Add in some bold accessories and be brave with daring palettes without a second thought.

4. Colourful Prints

Credit: Neil Mersh

Over the past couple of years, we have seen colourful prints come into the spotlight. They are very effective for creating a new mood in your bedroom and easy to implement. This is especially true if you create a theme for your room. Maybe you could turn it into a tropical hideaway and have your own personal island all year round. To achieve this you can combine tropical colour tones with details like a hammock, parrot prints and ocean blue walls.

5. Contrast Pink

Simon Whitmore

As you will be aware, grey-on-grey is still very much on trend and shows no sign of going away. Although, there are many depths to the colour palette that you can explore by layering different tones to create a cohesive look. Exploring the tones of grey from its palest to its deepest will help you to create a rich and exciting look. If you’re feeling a little brave, you can try adding a splash of bright pink to contrast the grey and add focus to your room.

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