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Bedroom Decoration Design Trends 2018

Your bedroom is often considered to be a sacred place or your personal haven, where you can switch off and retire for a restful night’s sleep if you’re lucky. Sadly, bedrooms are often the last on people’s lists for their spend, with kitchens and living rooms hogging their attention. That is all set to change though, as bedrooms will receive much more attention for people’s spending this year.

We will guide you through the trends that are sweeping the London interior design scene over the coming months.

Dark Brooding Colours

Setting the scene for your bedroom starts with the colours you choose. For this season you should be thinking less Duck Egg and more Emerald Green to really nail the colour palette. This follows the recent trend in interior design for braver colour choices – following living room and kitchen trends. However, for your bedroom the braver colour choice should extend to the walls and your bedding. Brooding violet, night-sky navy and striking emerald greens are the key colour of choice for this season’s bedrooms.

Woven Furniture

For the past few years, natural textures have played a vital role in interior decorating and the next room to develop this trend is the bedroom.

The durable and lightweight nature of rattan has been a staple craft material for centuries and has proven particularly popular for furniture and baskets. The overall popularity for these products has always been there, but it’s seen massive growth in recent years. In fact, it hasn’t been as popular as it is today since the 1970s, where peacock chairs were an ornate use of wicker rattan for pieces of furniture.

Perfect Imperfections

A new fashion for beautiful imperfections thanks to the wabi-sabi trend. This varies from mismatched sheets to pillow cases and painterly patterns that are far from the perfect finish and this is the year to celebrate imperfection.

We have seen a growing trend for natural and easy to handle textiles that don’t ned to look perfect for them to fit in. Linens and brushed cottons make the perfect bedding, creating a soft and comfortable sanctuary for you to relax in. This is where a laid-bac bedding style comes into place – where everything doesn’t need to be pristine or matching. Imperfection is a key factor of this year’s style.

Well-being and Mindfulness

There are two ways to achieve this state of mind in the bedroom:

Technology Detox: This is easy to do if you adopt a technology curfew for at least two hours before you go to bed and avoid bringing screens into the bedroom. Our daily lives are saturated with technology so it’s easy for laptops and smartphones to creep into our sleeping spaces, but they could be making it harder to fall asleep. Screens affect our brain’s ability to produce slumber-inducing melatonin. It is better to read a few chapters of a good book instead.

Slow Down: It is ideal to treat your bedroom as a space where the world can slow down as an escape from every day life. You should take your time, move slowly and try to set aside 15 minutes for meditation. Simply sitting on your bed breathing slowly will help your brain slow down. If you rush around, it creates underlying anxiety, but if we can take everything down a few years, we can relax and be met with an overwhelming sense of calm.

Soft Lighting

The bedroom is perhaps the most important room to get your lighting exactly right. This can be done with mood enhancing lamps or dimmable overhead lights as it’s all about controlling the level of light to suit your needs. In addition, lights should be kept to a lower level for at least an hour before sleep to help your brain adjust easier and drift of slowly to sleep.

It is wise investment finding the right lighting scheme for your bedroom can go a long way to achieving a relaxing space for you to dream. You can enhance the effect with pendants, which create a dramatic decorative touch. Especially a feathery pendant as that adds the perfect textural touch to any bedroom scheme; helping to diffuse light and keep the romantic ambience flowing.

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