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Autumn/Winter 2018 Interior Design Trends

It’s that time again, a new season, which brings exciting new trends to interior design in London. As we move into the Autumn/Winter seasons and the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to turn up the heat in preparation of the colder weather. It’s time for richer tones, colour blocks, a touch of black and big flouncy florals this season, so let’s discuss the exciting trends that will making their way into homes in the coming months.

Oversized Florals

Credit: Carpetright

The pre-Raphaelite styling of flower prints on a large scale are set to make a come back this season. You’ll find the big blousy designs on cushions, bedding and as wall murals. The focal point of floral designs allows you to keep everything simple and let the flowers become the star or the show, while picking complementary colours for the best effect.

Modern Neutrals

Credit: Michael Reeves

A neutral look is achieved by combining elements that create a beautiful and simple look that emphasises natural-looking furniture pieces. In recent months, we’ve seen a focus on stripped timbers, wood grain and simple, neutral patinas and materials within furniture. Natural pieces mixed with gently patterned crockery, soft grey chairs and a neutral block coloured textured rug are perfect for completing this calming trend.


Credit: Michael Reeves

Yes, we had the gold trend in Spring/Summer, but it’s still very much present and its use is set to grow more than ever this season. The difference this season is that its use will not be limited to accessories and we’ll see it being used for innovatively. We bet you never thought of having a gold carpet but that could actually be a trend coming up, retailers are already making the move towards that direction. This would work exceptionally with Mid-Century styled furniture.

Jet Black

Credit: French Connection

That’s right, monochrome styling is coming back and fans of it will be excited for what the season has coming. It’s all about black accessories and we encourage you to go crazy. However, if large amounts of black aren’t your style, you can make the trend work for you by using it in smaller amounts and sparingly throughout your home. Maybe a beautiful beaded pendant, console or shelving unit. This style can be perfectly offset with tactile use of whites spread between the blacks.

All the Pinks

Credit: Marks & Spencer

The perfect antidote for the rusty tones we have seen in the previous season is dusty, old fashioned pinks. It’s a simple and easy-on-the-eye colour that can be applied throughout your home. In these colder months, pink can add warmth to your home and works alongside metallic, contemporary greys and the aforementioned modern neutrals. If you’re feeling brave this season, you could go for statement upholstery in a vibrant pink velvet or you could go subtler with painterly florals and layered textures and fabrics to create more interest.

Tactile Kitchens

Credit: Life Kitchens

The design trends around kitchens have shown that they are no longer all about keeping to one style of units, worktops and a complimentary splashback. We are seeing a much more exciting trend of mixing things up – placing different textures next to each other, contrasting in both colour and touch. What about pairing a sleek quartz work surface with an integrated solid wood chopping board or maybe dark cabinetry set against a clean marble splashback. This kind of mixing of elements and textures makes for an eye-catching space that is full of character.

Bright Shapes

Credit: Michael Reeves

Bringing a bit of happiness to the cold months is a playful and colourful trend. Be on the look out for bold shade and shapes – stripes, geometrical, spots and blocks. Pulling colourful elements together very well will make your rooms pop with vibrancy. The DNA of this trend lies in its mix and match of shapes, bold colours and clean lines. To pull it off, you need to have the confidence to let some things clash rather than match and make it look modern.

Scandi Goes Vintage

Credit: Sainsbury's Home

The Scandi trend that we have been witnessing for a while merges with the nostalgic designs of times gone by, creating an eye-catching result. This style manages to evoke the nostalgia of the 50’s and mixes it with a modern Scandinavian edge and embodies the excitement of the post-war boom era. It has been updated with a yellow and deep aqua blue colour palette, adding a vibrant pop of colour to the dining room and creating an informal vintage style.

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