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Add Some Character To Your Living Room With These Stylish Colour Schemes

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Our perception of colour is very much influenced by the associations we make with it in the art we create, advertising we see and the objects in the world around us. For the this reason, we have colours that we associate with ourselves and they become part of our personality. This is why choosing a colour scheme that resonates with you is key to your interior design, particularly your living room where you go to relax.

As an interior designer in Pimlico with many years of experience, colours have come in and out of fashion more times than one would care to remember. However, a lot has been learnt throughout the years about what colours say about the people who use them.

You need to choose a colour scheme that you will love for many years, because it can be a long and expensive task to take on if you want to change it again. You may be tempted to go with a neutral colour scheme as this creates a blank canvas but introducing colour can be the wiser move. Especially if you use different shades of a colour can help you to create an uplifting or calming effect which can be achieved through your choice of wall colour and soft furnishings.

The names we are using for these colours are buzzwords which will also have a marked effect on your decision for your living room’s new colour scheme.

Credit: Dominic Blackmore


The Turquoise hue is a vibrant mix of blue and green that has the ability to add character to a room during the day and create a warm cosiness during the night. It has an energising tone without being too brash or overwhelming. The closeness it shares with the blue colour palette means that it is easy to pair with other blue tones. To balance this colour palette out you should try to keep your flooring pale, as well other accent pieces. Hints of white in your artwork, shelving and lighting will help cool down this palette and prevent it from feeling too saturated.

Credit: James Merrell


You can create a feature piece in your home by painting your walls and shelves in the same shade. This works particularly well with expansive boxed shelving that runs wall to wall and floor to ceiling. If we look at current trends, the obvious choice for this would be a mid-grey matt-finish paint that can help to mellow out white woodwork and blend effortlessly with toned flooring and furniture, as well as autumnal shades.


Harmony can be achieved in the cold winter months by choosing plum tones that will warm up your living room. If you want to make your room feel even more toasty and snug, you can combine it with shades of claret and dusky rose. While painting your walls in a port-wine red can help to introduce and richness to the room. However, you don’t want to take this too far and the effect can easily be offset by mauve-greys and browns colouring the other elements of the room.

Credit: Emma Lee

Hero Shade

A hero shade is one that brings out a hold-on-to-your-hats feeling within you and provides and instant transformation to your living room. Take for example a stunning emerald green as one of these shades and you can see how much of a splash it makes to a room, while also showing off the darker furnishing you can see in front of it.


One last way to create an impact with colour is by using sugary shades - decorating your living room with pastel shades without them being pale. Painting an accent wall in a darker colour will help provide a anchoring point to balance the room if you have a lighter tone on an adjacent wall. Make sure you use matt emulsion to create a calm contemporary fashionable took that low-sheen - providing a velvet chalk finish to the walls.

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