Kaleidoscope Mirror Large             Kaleidoscope Mirror Small                          Degas Bowl                                 Damon Sculpture

          Turned Stone Vessel 1                    Turned Stone Vessel 2                    Turned Stone Vessel 3                    Turned Stone Vessel 4

               Copernicus                                  Sea Urchin                                    Plankton                                     Bird Bowl 

              Faux Bois Mirror                       Fiona Mirror Large                                 Rory Mirror                               Klemm Candlesticks

           Klemm Mirror Large                      Pearl Mirror Medium                            Ranier Mirror                          Tortuga Sculptures

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Klemm Candlesticks

Large Cast resin sold in set of 2 26cm deep x 55cm high 10.25” deep x 21.75” high Small Cast resin sold in set of 2 17cm deep x 41cm high 6.75” deep x 16.25” high