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Kensington Interior Designers​

Michael Reeves is a specialist interior designer in Kensington SW7 with an impressive portfolio of completed projects in the area and globally, which you can view here. Please contact us if you require interior design in Kensington for your house, apartment, penthouse, basement, loft and commercial spaces. We are also happy to sit down with you and discuss your requirements and help you with any interior design you’d like in Kensington.


If you are looking for an interior designer in Kensington, then you'll understand how important it is for them to have an in-depth knowledge of the West London neighbourhood. Most notably, the prestige that comes with the SW7 postcode and the grand architectural and interior design history of Kensington. The streets of Kensington feature beautiful Georgian and Victorian homes that set the styling of the area for many years to come. This sophistication is matched by the interior design in Kensington and its surrounding areas.


Michael Reeves has transformed many beautiful homes in the area, creating amazing spaces for affluent people around Kensington. He has also worked on projects extending further ashore in Dubai, where he created a modern home to combined western and middle-eastern influences to create the perfect home for his client. Building on his 30 years of experience in the interior design industry in Kensington Michael Reeves has managed to achieve international acclaim for his work.


“Quiet Luxury” is the term Michael uses to describe his calm contemporary interior design style and he has added his touch to many homes in Kensington. So, if you’re looking for an interior designer in the Kensington area, please get in touch today and we will be happy to help you with any queries and ideas you have for your home and we’ll bring them to life and exceed your expectations. However, if you are not sure what style you would like to renovate your home in, we have the expertise to show you all of the options we think would suit you, following a short interview to learn about yourself.


Aspects of the company’s activities include:


• Domestic commissions.

• Commercial commissions.

• Architectural and space planning

• Floor plans and elevations

• Furniture and fittings

• Upholstered furniture design and manufacture

• Design and manufacture of case-goods

• One-off custom designed furniture

• Mood boards

• Fabrics and soft furnishing supply and making-up

• Decorative accessories

• Original contemporary artworks.


The current Michael Reeves showroom, a short drive away in Pimlico, showcases a selection of his own-brand and bespoke furniture that is made in England. This is mixed with vintage and antique pieces, decorative accessories and original artworks by a selection of different artists who inspire him.


Kensington is known for some of London’s most expensive real estate. It is well known for the magnificent Regency era architecture and being home to many of London’s famous landmarks. Some of the landmarks include the Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Palace, Holland Park and the Natural History and Science Museums. This affluent area of London oozes class and sophistication and makes it challenging to create an interior design that not only matches this divine history, but also manages to reflect each individual client’s bespoke requirements for their interior design in London.


Interior design inspiration comes to us in all forms, but there is one particularly famous Kensington interior that drives inspiration within us. It is the home of world-famous interior designer Justin Van Breda and his “early Victorian workers’” cottage, which was renovated in a style that he believed would reflect both the area and his, and his partner’s, personal tastes and he christened the result as a “gradation in sophistication.” The property is adored throughout the world and has featured in many home and style publications globally.


With some of the country’s most magnificent architecture, famous buildings and landmarks and one of the most affluent communities, catering to the interior design of both residential or commercial properties in Kensington perfectly is vitally important. Michael Reeves creates contemporary designs that he calls “quite luxury” as they add even more style and class to the beautiful Kensington neighbourhoods without being too extravagant.


If you live in Kensington or around the area and require the help of a local interior designer, then get in contact with Michael Reeves today and we will happily consult on your project.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7730 3009

Fax +44 (0)20 7730 2004


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